1st Sywell Air Scout Group Logo
Necker Colours

Uniform Guide

1st Sywell Air Scout and Spitfire Air Explorer Uniform

Our Sywell Air Scouts and Spitfire Air Explorers wear a striking blue shirt and a smart Air Scout beret in addition to the standard blue Scout activity trousers and belt with Scout motif buckle.  The Group scarf (known as a ‘necker’) is in the Sywell colours of maroon and green.

The Group badge on our neckers was designed to embody Sywell’s deep history in aviation. The propeller motif is that of a Lancaster to represent the important role Sywell Aerodrome played in WW2 as an engineering base keeping these well-known bombers airworthy.  In the centre is the RAF roundel to acknowledge the fact that we are an RAF recognised group.

Merlin Cubs

Sywell’s Merlin Cubs wear traditional Cubs jumpers with the Group scarf known as a ‘necker’. Our neckers are in the Sywell colours of maroon and green and sport the group logo.